Helping women connect to their true nature, reclaim their health & live a vibrant life




Unlock your innate power

Hello True Nature supports women through the cycles of life by using a modern approach to ancient traditions – what we like to call “Down to Earth Wellness.” 

We help women unlock their innate power by coming back into relationship with their body, harnessing the power of their minds & igniting their soul purpose so they can make an impact across their families, community &. the world.

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Tell me if this sounds like you…

You’re a go-getter and stop at nothing to achieve your dreams


You feel like you could have more energy & balance in your life


You’re ready to reclaim your health on a physical, mental & energetic level




We’re on a mission to help women connect to their true nature, reclaim their health & live a vibrant life by using the power of ancient practices & modern science. 

Working with Kelly has changed my entire relationship with my feminine energy. When I am faced with challenges physical and mental, I can use the tools I have learned throughout my every day life. Sometimes I don’t even know how much I am incorporating them until I reconnect with Kelly. I consider Kelly an extension of my wellness team and cannot recommend her enough.

- Robin W.

Kelly is hands down by far my favorite yoga, meditation & workshop instructor! She is extremely knowledgeable and brings so much experience to the practice which makes her classes incredibly unique. I feel lucky to have been a student of hers. I highly recommend!

— Costa Rica Retreat Guest

Kelly is an incredibly gifted and knowledgeable practitioner who lifts up those around her and gently challenges us to grow, with love and grace. If you get the opportunity for a session with Kelly, consider yourself very blessed.

— Mel, Sydney, Women's Circle

Namaste, I'm Kelly

I know what it’s like to ignore your cycle, wishing it would just go away. I know what it’s like to live in pain from endometriosis. And I know what it’s like to struggle with Postpartum Depression & Anxiety.

I also know what it’s like to overcome these challenges, unlock my innate power and heal on a holistic level.

With my method, I blend the sacred power of ancient practices with modern science in a way that is relatable and life-changing for women around the world.