Hello True Nature is your grounded & supportive resource for holistic women’s wellness.

Our mission is to help women connect to their true nature by using a modern approach to ancient traditions.

Our community is full of smart, ambitious, passionate & fun-loving women like you who are ready to reclaim their health & learn more about their feminine energy & life cycles. 

You’re here because you hold health & wellness as a top priority in your life, but you know there is a missing piece of the puzzle in your health journey. As you move through life, you know it’s time to start paying attention to your feminine side, but you have no idea where to start.

You might be going through menstrual conditions, fertility challenges or postpartum struggles. Or you might know that even though you’re in good overall health, you could feel more energetic throughout the month. 

Well we are here to be your guide, help you discover that missing piece and walk hand-in-hand on your journey.  


We believe the transitional times in your life hold the most power for transformation - especially menstruation, motherhood & menopause.

We help women unlock this innate power and vibrant, sustainable energy by cultivating inner harmony, grounded strength & purposeful clarity. 

We promise to meet you where you are at in your health journey and share techniques, practices & resources that are rooted in both ancient traditions & modern science. 

We know that stepping into your feminine power looks, sounds and feels different to everyone. (Spoiler Alert - You don’t need to howl at the moon to be a “goddess”). 

We believe having a supportive community can bring massive healing & transformation, and all that we do is rooted in this communal support.

We are your grounded & supportive resource for women’s wellness – helping you move through life’s cycles, connect back to your true nature & live a vibrant life. 


Namaste, I’m Kelly. I’ve always been the kinda girl to get sh!t done. I valued productivity over the ability to let things unfold.

In other words – I valued my masculine energy over my feminine energy. 

Because of this, I ignored my cycle completely, went on Birth Control for 10 years and was thrilled that I didn’t have to bother with a period anymore. But I always knew in my heart that something was not quite right, which led to a diagnosis of endometriosis.  

By connecting to my true nature through deepening my yoga practice and by working with a holistic wellness practitioner, I finally got off synthetic birth control after a decade, managed my endometriosis naturally and watched my life unfold in the most incredible way.

I started to value my feminine energy and saw how my life became infinitely more creative, abundant, & grounded. From this experience, I went on a deep dive into feminine practices, cycle awareness education and holistic health.


Since 2017, I’ve completed trainings in Yoga, Meditation, Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga, Trauma-Informed Yoga and Women’s Health Yoga Therapy.

I’ve hosted classes, workshops and retreats in Australia, USA, Southeast Asia & Central America. 

Now I am a mother, and I went through my own challenges of postpartum depression & Anxiety. Using the same methods I applied when I was working with my endometriosis, I was able to move through these struggles as well.

This is now what I teach to women around the world through my holistic women’s wellness programs & retreats. We use the power of yoga, meditation, breath work, cycle awareness, embodiment and mind set training to bring about lasting, sustainable changes.

It is the honor of a lifetime to be your guide through these life-changing moments.